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“Looped” Opened on Broadway 10 Years Ago – March 2010

10 years ago tonight, March 14, 2010, “Looped” starring Valerie Harper opened on Broadway. Valerie was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance portraying the iconic actress, Tallulah Bankhead.

Play Summary: Based on an existing audiotape of an eight-hour session in which a sloshed Bankhead attempts to dub lines — looping, as the process is called — for her final film, “Die, Die My Darling.” Whereas in the original, Bankhead taped several lines in London’s Hammer Studios, “Looped” has Harper comically recording (and rerecording) a single line in a Los Angeles sound studio. What results is an emotional tug-of-war between the fading actress and an increasingly frustrated film editor, played by Brian Hutchison. (from WWD Magazine)






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